R A C Breakdown - Driving along and front wheel fell off

Not resolved

It all started when I call them out to fix a puncher on the front passenger side front wheel, the RAC Breakdown patrolman fixed the puncher. He asked me the year of the Land Rover I told him 2001, he then looked up the torque setting on the laptop and then, proceeded to set his torque wrench to the right settings. The nuts was then tightened and signed the work sheet and off I went.

All was well till I was going to work 2 weeks later, doing about 55 - 60 mph the vehicle came to a sudden stop. At first I thought it was a ABS problem, as the light came on,when I got out of the vehicle it was then I noticed I had lost the front wheel,one of the wheel studs on the hub had snapped off totally.

I have now found out that not only have I paid out £500 excess charge, but as no one was injured they have wiped their hands of it.

I asked the local Land Rover dealership if its the norm that if you set up the wheels to the right torque you have to have them rechecked ? they would not put it in writing, so even though they repaired my Land Rover they would not say that the RAC patrolman got it wrong ( it would have been so different if I had been doing 65 -70 mph on the motorway lives could have been lost )

So now when my insurance comes up who will foot the bill yes you guessed it ME !!!!!

Review about: Repair.

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